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“Edge of Tomorrow” Trailer Has Tom Cruise Looking Weird [VIDEO]


All You Need Is Kill was a cooler title, but now we’re looking at the first trailer for the Tom Cruise sci-fi epic now called Edge of Tomorrow. The plot is essentially a mix of Groundhog Day and Starship Troopers, as Cruise’s character keeps reliving a battle between his space soldiers and some spider/robot thingies. At least we don’t have to worry about the movie having the same twist as Oblivion, right? Yeah.

Anyway, the two things that really stand out in this trailer are Emily Blunt. Also, we think that Tom Cruise is looking really weird. We’re not the types to goof on Tom Cruise. We’ve met him a few times, and he seemed like a swell guy. There just seems to be something off with the guy here. It’s possible that we’re sounding snarky just because the movie star has started to let himself age. See, that’s like the opposite of complaining about plastic surgery. We’ve just never seen Tom Cruise looking so much like Kyle Chandler–or any other handsome guy who still looks more like a character actor than a leading man.

Judge for yourself here, although we think that Emily Blunt’s spacesuit is going to capture most of your attention. You can’t complain about the marketing, though. Guys and gals will probably be drawn in by Edge of Tomorrow‘s promise of sci-fi action and some kind of romance. We still think the movie was better off without a title that sounds like a soap opera, though….

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