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“ANCHORMAN 2” Mayhem Continues As Steve Carell Takes Over British TV [VIDEO]


Steve Carell is promoting Anchorman 2 while sporting facial hair–which rules out any chance of the movie star posing as weatherman Brick Tamland during the movie’s rampant media hype. That didn’t stop Carell from stepping up to the weather map while guesting on the ITV show Daybreak. Carell broke up the Brits by wandering up to weather gal Laura Tobin and generally goofing around. Yes, it’s a lot of fun–but we still aren’t so amused that we can’t be distracted by Laura’s awesome ass.

Well, we’re not sure if “awesome” is the word. The more we study this video–and, yes, we are studying very closely–it seems that Laura is really packing a power pack of some kind. That makes us think of several clever puns, but kind of takes the fun out of fantasizing about how Laura looks naked. And yet we will, because it’s perfectly reasonable for that to catch our eye. Anyway, check out the morning breakfast television tape for yourself, and decide what gets your attention…

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