The Year in Celebrity Cleavage: 2013 [145 PHOTOS]

Celebrity Sideboob and Celebrity Cleavage go hand-in-hand, so since we’ve already announced that 2013 was a big year for Celebrity Sideboob I bet you can guess what we’re going to announce next… Yes, 2013 was a huge year for famous cleavage.

See how 2013 cleavage compares to 2012 cleavage

There are a bunch of moments from 2013 that really “stick out” to us. One was Katy Perry rocking that green dress at the 2013 Grammys. I mean, even Ellen was impressed.

Another memory that “busts” into our head is the Kate Upton Antarctica photo shoot from The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

And that image of Danielle Fischel from Maxim shines bright in our mind like “headlights.”

OK, we’re out of bad puns but the good news is that we’re not out of highlights. Check out the hottest photos of 2013 celebrity cleavage below.

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