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Poorly-Named Products: The Ultimate Bad Shopping Guide [58 PHOTOS]


If you’re like the COED staff, then you do a lot of Christmas shopping in rundown old warehouses on the outskirts of Chinatown. After all, there’s nothing like inhaling asbestos and decades of dust while trying to find some vintage old nudie playing cards. Instead, of course, we mostly discover bizarre knock-offs and other strange imports. We’ve compiled 50 Most Legit Knockoff Brands in the past–but what of those poor legit companies that simply lack a good translator? Well, they’re good for plenty of laffs.

See for yourself with these 58 pics of baffling brands that nobody wants in their Christmas stockings. Unless, of course, you add a note that firmly states, “For Display Purposes Only.” Then they’re kind of fun. We’ve collected our favorite poorly-named products here, plus a few more that have other unfortunate things about them. So enjoy the best bad shopping guide ever–and, no, we don’t have Cock Soup in here. That one’s totally played out…

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