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Lauren German on “Chicago Fire” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Lauren German on Chicago Fire

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

The thing is that Lauren German is really a regular on Chicago Fire, but we’ve just learned that she’s a Special Guest Star in our universe–thanks, of course, to the promise of lovely lesbianism. See Her Tonight is always encouraging that kind of open-minded plot lines on the small screen, of course. In fact, we still think America is making a big mistake by not tuning in to Sofia Black-D’Elia on Betrayal. That show should be #1 in the ratings by now. And so we showcase Lauren German today, since Chicago Fire is just beginning to really do well in its time slot, and we must do whatever we can to be supportive and tolerant of girl/girl action in our living rooms.

Lauren German is a regular in our living rooms, of course. We’re still baffled that fans of the new Hawaii Five-0 couldn’t stand having her around as Officer Lori Weston–who was your typically hot former FBI agent turned Homeland Security officer. Maybe the show’s fans aren’t just geeks who’d grown to love Lauren like we had while watching her get gory in films like Hostel: Part II and the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And, of course, we’d enjoyed some more pleasant thrills by watching Lauren make out with Amy Adams in the 2005 indie Standing Still.

Now we’re thrilled to see Lauren German expanding her girl/girl gallery with her role as a lesbian paramedic with a busy (if turbulent) love life on Chicago Fire. (We’re even more thrilled to follow her on Twitter, where Lauren has sided with Chicago fans in keeping her character strictly gay.) That includes some unrequited love for her femme partner, and we have to at least keep Chicago Fire burning until the Sweeps period where things get serious between those two. Tune in tonight, but first check out the hot pics below–and scroll down for video of Lauren’s lesbian lust for Amy…

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