“Jupiter Ascending” Trailer Makes Mila Kunis In Space Look Boring [VIDEO]


How did an epic sci-fi film from the Wachowski Brothers Siblings manage to not make our list of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2014? Even with Mila Kunis as the main character? Well, the answer is that we took a gamble that Jupiter Ascending would look as boring as the plot synopsis. This trailer kind of makes us think we were right. The duo behind The Matrix and Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas¬†are great visionaries–although our favorite vision from them is still that Gina Gershon/Jennifer Tilly lesbian coupling in Bound. This new one still looks like some crap that Vin Diesel would’ve signed up for before his Fast & Furious comeback.

In fact, we think Vin made a movie with this exact same plot. There’s a normal gal who’s got some kind of great secret or talent that can change the world, and reluctant anti-hero types have to help her fulfill her destiny. Yeesh. Also, we get an awful lot of Mila Kunis falling from great heights in a sci-fi landscape. Strange to think that we’re at a point in film history where that’s gotten dull. It’ll have to be a really slow Summer of 2014 for this movie to hold our interest–but maybe you can make it all the way through this trailer…

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COED Writer
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