Emmy Rossum Goes Topless for ESQUIRE, Sounds Like Coolest Gal On Earth [PHOTOS + GIFs]


Emmy Rossum has done a little interview for Esquire to go with a little topless photo shoot, and we think a lot of guys are about to fall completely in love with the Shameless star. And we don’t mean in that usual superficial way.

Emmy Rossum sounds like one of the most totally cool folks around. Here she is talking about the cat that she adopted. Usually, we can’t make it very far into a conversation with a woman about the cat that she’s adopted, but Emmy is different. Check out her tale about the homeless cat that wandered into her trailer while shooting her Showtime series…

I took her to a vet and they said she was probably dying of breast cancer. Cancer Kitty. I hate cats. But this cancer cat made me feel bad, so I was like, Okay, I’ll take her back to L. A. and give her her last six months of pain-free life.  So I took her to the vet in L. A. and he was like, This is a beautiful cat. And I said, Yeah, but too bad about the cancer. And he said, What cancer? And I’m like, You know, the lump on her stomach. And he’s like, You mean the hernia? I can take that out when I neuter her. She’s gonna live twenty-five years! And I was like, You f*cking cat with your lying cancer sob story.

Yeah. We like a gal who can talk trash about her cat. Also, she mentions in the interview that she wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback for her dog, but her crappy ex-boyfriend conned her into getting another breed. We love Rhodesian Ridgebacks! You really need to read the interview–mostly to see how Emmy Rossum and the COED staff are completely simpatico, and it’s a shame that things aren’t going to work out between you and her as long as we’re around, but, you know, you’ll find someone else. And until then, you can look at these GIFs that aren’t from Esquire, because we totally aren’t the jealous type…

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