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December 10, 2013: 47 Emmanuelle Chriqui Pics For Her 36th Birthday [PHOTOS]


Emmanuelle Chriqui is easily the biggest deal about the the upcoming film version of the HBO show Entourage–if only because we haven’t seen enough of her beauty on the big screen. Of course, it’s also a big assumption that we’ll be seeing her in the Entourage movie. There hasn’t been any kind of formal announcement yet. That’s kind of surprising, since plenty of guys were tuning in to Emmanuelle Chriqui as the love interest to Kevin Connolly’s young Hollywood player.

This is also a good time to remember that Entourage started back in 2005. It’s kind of a shock to think that Emmanuelle isn’t a sexy young actress anymore. She’s still sexy, but we’ll be seeing Emmanuelle as part of the cast at the age of 36–which is how old she’s turning on this Day of Our Lord, December 10th, 2013.

It’s a good thing that the new Entourage won’t be her big-screen debut. Emmanuelle has always been working steadily, of course, but her post-HBO career has mostly concentrated on the small screen. That’s included a recurring stint on The Mentalist, and a short stint as a female assassin in this year’s ambitious (but seeming short-lived) Cleaners.

We can thank Adam Sandler for getting Emmanuelle to the multiplexes in 2008’s You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. Now we’re hoping that the Entourage film doesn’t keep Emmanuelle from moving on to erotic thrillers. She’s Canadian, so that’s overdue. Anyway, check out these pics, and you’ll see why Emmanuelle is going to be part of our fantasy entourages for years to come…

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