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Snow Sculptures: 32 Degrees of Skill [PHOTOS]


Is it snowing where you are? Then go outside and do something about it! By which we mean that you should go play in the snow, especially if you have the day off from work. Sadly, the COED offices remain totally accessible, and we couldn’t even play in the snow that accumulated because…well, syringes and stuff. You know how it is.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places all over America that are piled up with plentiful clean snow. The kind that can become fully-packed to make a magnificent snow sculpture. Or maybe a not-so-magnificent snow sculpture, which can really be just as fun.

For further inspiration, check out these 32 supercool snow sculpture shots–covering a frosty 32 degrees of skill. You’ll see some epic creations worthy of ancient Rome, if it had been built in the Antarctic. There are also some ambitious sculptures that look like the kind of thing that your COED staff might be able to manage if we didn’t use snowy days as an excuse to start pouring shots into our coffee.

The point is that these pics cover a wide array of snow-sculpting. Although we do have two skulls, because those always look really cool. At least we kept it down to two pics of snowmen on toilets, and just one snow penis–although we did add another naughty image. Or a sexy image, if you’re really into snowwomen. In any case, try warming up to these pics…

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