Ricki-Lee Petersen on “Almost Human” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Ricki-Lee Petersen on Almost Human

(8:00 PM EST, FOX)

Almost Human has been very good to your here at COED. The sci-fi series has only been around for a few weeks, but it’s already given the See Her Tonight¬†the chance to get really human over Daniela Dib and Mercy Saidi. The cast includes Minka Kelly, too, which made for some of our most anticipated Women of the 2013 Fall Season. Almost Human looks set to really warm up our winter by continuing to showcase the existence of Sex Bots in its futuristic world–which also provides us with the acting debut of Ricki-Lee Petersen.

We’re pretty lucky that Almost Human has to film in the real world where Hollywood goes to Canada to shoot productions for less money. Ricki-Lee Petersen has been patiently working out of her homeland for a few years now, and has over a decade of modeling on her portfolio. That’s kind of hard to believe–but it’s not surprising that Ricki-Lee is regularly in demand. She’s not just another hot blonde. She’s a hot blonde who’s taken the time to study the craft of acting, and her portfolio showcases how smart photographers bring her in for shoots that require a touch of strangeness to the glamour.

Not that Ricki-Lee isn’t capable of being perfectly glamorous, either. We just prefer our models/actresses/Sex Bots to have a lot of versatility. We’ll give lots of credit to the fine casting folks at Almost Human for giving us a chance to have Ricki-Lee Petersen popping up in our living rooms. Check out these pics and see what we should all hope to be the future…

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