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Monday Morning Cheerleader Twitpic Roundup: December 9th, 2013


Holy smokes was this an interesting weekend for football players and cheerleaders alike. Not only were multiple games decided on the final play, a lot of NFL teams have started to name names for which cheerleaders they’re going to send to the 2014 Pro Bowl. We’ll have that full list here for you shortly, but for now we just thought that we’d keep you in the know.

Speaking of “knowing,” how pumped are you now that the final BCS Bowls have been posted? I can tell you of at least 60 schools that are (there are a total of 30 games).

Check out some of the best photos to come from the Instagram/Twitter accounts of all your favorite NFL and NCAA cheerleaders below in this week’s edition of Monday Morning Cheerleader Twitpic Roundup.

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