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Miranda Kerr Gets Topless For HARPER’S BAZAAR, Still Loves Orlando Bloom [PHOTOS]


The good news is that Miranda Kerr is still divorcing Orlando Bloom. The bad news is that Miranda Kerr still seems to be hung up on the guy, even though we saw Orlando Bloom here in New York City recently, and all he did was prance around a stage while reciting a bunch of flowery words. The great news is that Miranda Kerr is talking about putting off our eventual affair while posing topless for Terry Richardson in a new photo shoot for the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

Yes, it seems that Miranda hasn’t let the end of her marriage interfere with her good looks. The supermodel looks stunning even while explaining in an interview why it’s going to be a few more days before she stops by the COED offices to pick out her next boyfriend.

“It’s difficult for anyone to go through a separation, whether it’s on a public scale or not,” she explains to a Harper’s Bazaar writer who obviously lacks our seduction skills. “We still love and care for each other deeply. [Two-year-old son] Flynn is the most important thing in both our lives. And because we share that bond, we both feel that it’s important to be united.”

See, we would’ve responded to that by explaining to Miranda how important it is for little Flynn to have a new man in her life immediately, and that a lot of hasty weddings on the rebound end up lasting for eternity. Who can argue with that? Anyway, we’re just going to have to be patient and enjoy these sneak pics from Miranda’s photo shoot. We could also look back fondly at that time when Miranda went jiggling jogging with Heidi Klum, or check out Miranda’s recent contributions to our collection of Victoria’s Secrets Instagrams.

First, however, we think we’ll do some prep by checking out this fine collection of Miranda’s modeling pics. We kind of need to be ready for when Miranda comes to her senses and stops by the offices–or, you know, not be too ready…

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