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Holliday Grainger in “Bonnie and Clyde” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Holliday Grainger in Bonnie and Clyde

(9:00 PM EST, History/Lifetime/A&E)

Holliday Grainger stars in tonight’s start of the two-part miniseries Bonnie and Clyde–and it’s going to be pretty difficult to miss out on the sexy young actress. The heavily-hyped production is airing on the History Channel, Lifetime, and A&E. That makes for some total saturation. (The last cable miniseries that got so hyped was the History Channel’s Hatsfields & McCoys, which had See Her Tonight gunning for Jena Malone.)

And speaking of saturation–fans of Holliday Grainger are used to seeing her as a blood-splattered beauty. You’ve probably seen her retro dotted with blood for the Bonnie and Clyde ad campaign, but Holliday has also seen plenty of bloodshed on the Showtime series The Borgias. That series also allowed Holliday to show off how swell she looks spilling out of period costumes. Guys have also enjoyed that Holliday splendor in films like Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, and Anna Karenina.

Holliday isn’t all about high-class productions, though. The elegant Englishwoman first became a sex symbol courtesy of a supernatural UK series called Demons. Holliday got much better reviews than the actual show. She’s looking set for proper stardom in America now, and might even make it to the multiplexes in next year’s Cinderella. Here’s your chance to get in (relatively) early on the Holliday fun. Check out this impressive gallery, with the added bonus of Holliday Grainger showing off how gorgeous she can be as a blonde, redhead, or brunette…

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