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Rebecca Black Is Back With “Saturday” [VIDEO]


It looks like December 7th will remain a day that lives in infamy–as Rebecca Black returns to the pop scene with “Saturday.” See, that’s the follow-up to “Friday,” which made Rebecca famous for being a really inept pop-star wannabe. It also made Rebecca Black a pop star, which is kind of interesting.

Anyway, the video for “Saturday” starts out really promisingly. We really thought that it would be a fine parody where Rebecca recreates the usual Saturday morning of the COED staff, which usually involves regaining consciousness waking up at 1 pm and enjoying a nice skillet of Lucky Charms before discovering a bunch of angry texts that seem to involve us doing something that seemed terribly clever at the time. We’re not sure what time that actually was, though.

Rebecca Black isn’t having that kind of Saturday. The subject of “Saturday” is a song where she doesn’t want the day to end, as opposed to a song about a day where everyone wants the life of a COED staffer to end. And, yes, we know that Dave Days is co-billed on this song with Rebecca Black, and he’s kind of a video parodist, but the guy doesn’t seem to be in of much of a joke here–right up to the end of the video.

Sorry if we’re missing some kind of high concept. Watch for yourself and let us know if Rebecca Black has managed some kind of stunning post-modern take on her stardom. We’re going to rest up a little more so we can have a Sunday that starts with us waking up at 1 pm and enjoying a nice skillet of Lucky Charms…

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