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Paul Walker Coverage Roundup


Over the past week, there have been a lot of stories written about Paul Walker and the various reactions to his fatal accident. We decided to take a look at what we’ve learned about Paul Walker and how some people have idiotic responses to celebrity deaths.

Upon hearing of Paul Walker’s death, many people immediately came forward with stories about what a genuinely great guy Paul Walker was. Many of those people weren’t other celebrities. A few years ago, Walker bought a $9,000 engagement ring for a an Iraq War veteran and his wife. The couple, Kyle and Kristen Upham, briefly met Walker in the jewelry store and left without buying anything. The clerk then called them and asked them to return because an anonymous person had purchased a ring for them. Walker had asked the clerk to keep this secret, but the clerk went public after hearing of his death. Here’s a video of the couple telling their story.

Some news about Walker was admittedly a little strange, like how he started dating his girlfriend when she was 16 years old and he was 33. We don’t know much about their relationship, but from what we do know, it seemed like a healthy one. They were together for seven years, and his girlfriend and his daughter are incredibly close. Despite the age difference, it seemed like a better relationship than most Hollywood couples we hear about.

Unfortunately, there were many stories about people who don’t know how to respond appropriately when a celebrity dies. Jason Biggs tweeted this photo from a Coffee Bean in L.A.

We’re all for tipping people in the service industry, but this is a pretty horrible idea. We don’t even really know what it’s supposed to mean. Are customers supposed to give a dollar to the barista to vote on which is the better movie? The baristas may not have meant it this way, but it looks like they’re trying to capitalize off of Walker’s death.

As bad as that reaction was, it’s not anywhere close to as bad as Jameson Witty’s. Witty followed the tow truck that was carrying away the car that Walker had been riding in and stole a piece of the wreckage at a stop light. After speeding away from the crime scene, Witty posted pictures of what he stole to his Instagram account. The police tracked him down and charged him with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence.

Let’s hope we get more stories about what a great guy Paul Walker was and less stories about people lurking around the crash site for a souvenir.

  • COED Writer