Zoe Saldana on “The Late Late Show” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Zoe Saldana on The Late Late Show

(12:30 AM EST, CBS)

We don’t usually do gals on talk shows for See Her Tonight, but Zoe Saldana has finally confirmed that she’s gotten married, and we just need to talk to someone about it. We thought things were going pretty well between Zoe and us here at COED. The subliminal messages that she was sending through her photo shoots came in loud and clear. Also, that cute thing she did with the morse code while blinking in her scenes in Out of the Furnace? We went to a screening of that last week, and Zoe was still sending us special messages of love. (She’s been more subtle on her Twitter account.)

And yet here we have Zoe Saldana promoting the new Out of the Furnace on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and she might be talking about how she’s just announced her secret marriage ceremony. We don’t know how to feel about that. We’re sure that Ferguson is thrilled, though. He’s landing Zoe while all the other talk show hosts are in repeats tonight. (A few favorite past Late Late ladies include Taylor Schilling, Brie Lawson,¬†and Jes Macallan.)

What really bothers us is that Zoe Saldana didn’t marry Mila Kunis. We would’ve understood that. The two made a lovely lesbian couple in the indie After Sex. We have two hot pics of that in the gallery below–along with a pic from this week of Zoe Saldana checking out Maria Menounos. They would make a lovely couple, too. At least those are some happy thoughts to get us through this dark time. These pics are already cheering us up in the literal sense…

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