Romola Garai: A Bod That’s Worth The Trip To “Mars” [PHOTOS]


Romola Garai isn’t your average kind of film starlet–and we suppose The Last Days of Mars didn’t have much of a shot at big-screen success when they cast the big blonde in the lead. That’s okay. Nobody’s going to blame Romola Garai for the film barely opening in theaters this week. You’re better off finding the movie on VOD, as The Last Days of Mars continues a string of failed films set on the Angry Red Planet. We’re still urging folks to get out to the few theaters that are showing the movie on the big screen this weekend. After all, a bod like Romola’s deserves to be seen on the big screen.

Not that Romola gets to be particularly sexy in the movie. Actually, we mainly endorse Mars as a fun low-budget sci-fi movie with some ambitious ideas. We’ d say that it’s like a particularly bright Syfy movie, but it’ll probably end up on Syfy someday, anyway. Romola doesn’t get to lure males in while dolled up as an astronaut, either. We still couldn’t help but notice that there were some gravity-defying heavenly objects buried beneath Romola’s bulky spacesuit–and that got us curious to learn more about the gal.

As it turns out, the exotic babe–born in Hong Kong to British parents–is a recovering aspiring film star. We’d actually seen her before in 2004’s Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. That movie’s mostly forgotten as a doomed attempt to create a Dirty Dancing franchise, but Romola Garai was supposed to become a big deal as the female lead. That bomb didn’t keep Romola from going on to become a popular actress in the UK.

She’s been working steadily ever since in plenty of classy projects. Romola’s also courted some controversy by talking honestly about how her buxom bod doesn’t appeal to Hollywood executives. Which we sadly believe, but we think the pics below will convince you that there’s a lot to be said for some seriously imposing beauty. Check out Romola and then be ready to book yourself a ticket to Mars

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