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New “X-Men” Movie Villain Apocalypse: What You Need to Know…


Another X-Men movie is already in the works to follow X-Men: Days of Future Past and it’s bringing one of the heroes’ biggest and baddest villains to the big screen. There’s been plenty of buzz about it, too, ever since director Bryan Singer announced via Twitter, “##Xmen #Apocalypse 2016!

This is big news because Apocalypse is one of the biggest enemies in X-Men history. He’s basically a giant amalgamation of mutant powers mixed into a giant ball of muscled evil. He doesn’t just have superhuman strength. He’s also insanely smart for a giant mass of muscle and arms. He can also teleport and manipulate energy and technology on a molecular level.

As for his Facebook bio: Apocalypse comes from ancient Egypt abandoned by his family in the desert because of his bizarre appearance. He not only survived, but was raised by a nomadic warrior tribe that slaughtered the town who abandoned him and raised him to be the warrior that he has become. He created the Four Horsemen and defeated Vlad the Impaler and helped Abraham van Helsing destroy Dracula.

Just imagine someone that powerful and deadly fighting a group like the X-men on the big screen. And try to forget that we’ll mostly be watching a CGI-generated Apocalypse for most of the movie, because there’s no telling how much technology might improve over the next three years.

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