December 6, 2013: Cintia Dicker’s Birthday Rates A Solid Hot 40 [PICS]

Cintia Dicker turns 27 years old today, and COED is always happy to celebrate models who defy the typical standard of beauty. Yes, we know that Cintia Dicker has ravishing red hair and an awesome bod that stands a striking 5’10”. She’s still far from your typical Brazilian bombshell. In fact, Cintia’s almost an offbeat beauty with her plentiful (but supercute) freckles and quirky facial features. [Other models who’ve gotten COED cavorting over birthdays: Gemma Atkinson, Daria Werbowy, and internet pioneer Cindy Margolis.]

To her credit, Cintia embraces everything that makes her special. Photographers don’t have any problems turning Cintia into a classic babe for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria’s Secret, and H&M. She certainly fits right in with the other models who’ve graced the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

But photographers also know that Cintia is always ready to strike some strange poses and put herself in an unflattering light. It probably helps that Cintia always ends up looking gorgeous in those shoots, too. Maybe it’s just our enlightened attitude that allows us to see Cintia’s inner beauty–or maybe she’s very expressive and knows how to really create a character in her work.

Sadly, Cintia’s mostly concentrated on media work in her homeland. She speaks Portuguese, and we’re sadly lacking in personal information in just how strong she is in speaking English–but we’d like to find out. You can find out more about Cintia’s scintillating looks in the gallery below. Strangely, we can’t seem to think of a single pun to make about that….

December 5, 2013: 27 Pics for Keri Hilson’s 31st Birthday [PHOTOS]
December 5, 2013: 27 Pics for Keri Hilson’s 31st Birthday [PHOTOS]
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