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30 Pounds Of Ecstasy Seized From ASU Student’s Apartment [VIDEO]


Arizona State University has been in college news a lot lately, it’s just unfortunate that today that news involves the seizure of 30 pounds of ecstasy, a pill press, and the rest of what police call “a significant Ecstasy manufacturing operation.” You can see what they seized in the gallery at the bottom.

It all started when Andrew James Gajkowski was pulled over by police on an HOV violation, the Five-O found ecstasy and cocaine in his backpack. That discovery, in turn, gave them reasonable suspicion to search his off-campus apartment where “”Detectives found 30 pounds of product used to manufacture Ecstasy pills in the apartment along with thousands of ecstasy pills,” The Arizona Department of Public Safety says in a statement. “The apartment was essentially a pill factory which included a ‘pill press’ complete with a motor.”

A total of five people were arrested, including Andrew who’s being accused of possession of marijuana, possession of dangerous drugs, possession for sale – dangerous drugs, transportation of dangerous drugs, conspiracy, manufacture for sale of dangerous drugs and illegal control of enterprise.

Needless to say, Andrew won’t be attending his school’s highly-anticipated Pac-12 Championship Game.

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