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12 Reasons Why This Weekend Won’t Suck [December 6th-8th]


Another fabulously fulfilling week comes to an end for the COED staff–by which we mean that we found a quarter on the subway, and the Friday office party is happening close enough to our desks that we might conceivably have some fun. But how will we unwind for the weekend? We’re expecting a weekend that doesn’t suck courtesy of a concert and–well, frankly, a lot of time spent watching the small screen. That’s kind of embarrassing. Sure, we’re always promoting college sports, but this weekend seems to really involve a lot of boob tubage.

Or so it might seem if you don’t dig our rationalization that a lot of U.S. readers are about to be snowed in for several days. Yes, there’s a big storm a-brewin’ all across America, and a lot of readers need some options for hanging out at home. So check out some exciting new shows, a very special Christmas special, a video game that’ll get our heart racing, and a soap opera to watch. Don’t judge us on the soap opera until you see what we’re talking about in this celebration of non-suckage…

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