Victoria’s Secret Employees Reveal What They Are Thinking When Guys Enter the Store

Guys, when you walk into a Victoria’s Secret store, do you feel the eyes of a million women icing you down to your very core? It’s not that far away from the truth.

Business Insider talked with employees of some Victoria’s Secret stores in the Chicago area to find just what they are thinking when men are among the customers browsing the merchandise, hopefully with their hands out of their pockets…that way they aren’t thinking about their wallets. Wait, what did you think we meant, you sickos?

The store employees told them that even though they are selling frilly underthings for women, men are among their target sales demographic because the pressure of being in such a store is greater on them. One of the anonymous workers said that because the guys are constantly focused on running towards the exit as soon as they can, “That means they would spend more money.”

The store uses that pressure point to get guys to buy something more expensive assuming it’s for their girlfriend or wife. One employee noted, “Men would buy a couple of $50 bras without questioning us because they felt awkward.” This might sound like the peak of Victoria’s Secret’s business savvy but they are missing a true goldmine for their guy clients: charging them a fee to leave the store.

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