The Holiday Office Party Is A Hot Bed of Sexual Activity

Christmas is almost here along with an untold number of drunken office parties filled with amorous co-workers hooking up for the holidays.

A survey conducted by the British dating site found that holiday office parties offer a flurry of ways to get with co-workers in a non-HR-friendly kind of way, according to The Daily Star.

The survey found that 31 percent of co-workers said they went to bed with a co-worker after they enjoyed a little too much free booze at the company’s Christmas party. The study also found that 60 percent stood under the mistletoe and kissed someone at their office party. The best part is that both count as a Secret Santa gift.

Of course, getting drunk in front of people who may or may not make your life a living hell isn’t as a smart idea. The booze caused 24 percent to lose their mind and tell their bosses what they’ve been holding back about them the rest of the year. Another 15 percent called in sick the following morning because of the massive hangover they developed from the party. The survey doesn’t include whether the two statistics are related or not but we’re sure they both were caused by another holiday staple: good, ol’ fashioned denial.

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