“SPIDER-MAN 2” Trailer Has Good News and Bad News [VIDEO]

The first trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out today, just like the studio promised–and we’ve got some mixed feelings here. Of course, everyone began looking for clues in that leaked ad banner from a few days ago. That image revealed that we were getting more of the Green Goblin than anyone expected–and it also made for a crappy look at The Rhino. Now things are clarified in the video below–and you can watch it, but you’ll probably want to read our deep thoughts first. Right? After all, it’s one of our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014.

For starters, we’re excited about seeing Dane DeHaan as a creepy Harry Osborne. Yeah, it’s nice to see that he’s already the Green Goblin, but our biggest problem with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies was that Harry never really seemed unhinged. Fans of the comic book will know that Harry Osborne always seemed like a really troubled soul. With creepy hair, too. DeHaan isn’t given the comic-book hair of Harry Osborne, but that’s okay. It would’ve probably required CGI. He’s still looking like a good Harry to have in the film.

We also like the look of Electro–even if he doesn’t have a yellow mask with lightning bolts sticking out of his face. We especially like the pic above of Electro assembling himself after his original self of Max Dillon has gotten zapped in some way. We’re less thrilled to see a dopey action sequence that makes it look like Electro doesn’t know how to zap Spider-Man. Dude, you’re Electro. You can make the entire atmosphere lethal, and there you are shooting lil’ zaps at Spider-Man just because it’ll look cool in 3D. That’s goofy, man.

And it looks like The Rhino was put out of proportion on that banner. Our brief look suggests that the Rhino tank is more man-sized than expected–but it’s still a tank instead of a tough grey skin that makes a guy look like a rhino. That’s not good. Still, we’re more excited than we thought we’d be at this point. Now check out the video and enjoy your own deep insights. Or you can steal ours…

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