Bathe In The Delight That Is An Emily Ratajkowski Handbra [PHOTOS]

Emily Ratajkowski handbra photos from the shower are probably the best way one could hope to celebrate “Bath Tub Party Day” (not to be confused with Baath Party Day) aka today’s strange holiday you know we couldn’t pass up.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Wyatt. She’s in the shower. Not in a bath. What gives?” And to those people I say that you to get that thought out of your head right now–you’re missing the point here. If I can’t find a reason to post these new photos from photographer Mark Sacro, then I can’t really justify posting just three photos of today’s hottest model can I? Because that would just make these fun to look at and not really newsworthy. And no one can have fun on the web. That’s not what it’s for.

The better news is that (if we’re right about our guess that The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue got the green light to feature Emily Ratajkowski) hopefully we’ll have some more incredible new photos to show you  later on in the year.

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