Adriana Lima on “The Crazy Ones” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Adriana Lima on The Crazy Ones

(9:o0 PM EST, CBS)

The Crazy Ones has an Extremely Very Special Episode tonight, with Adriana Lima guesting in a show that revolves around Amanda Setton getting trapped in the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra–which, in case you missed the very important news coverage, is worth about $10 million. We’d say the same for what’s usually under the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, too.

There’s some fine corporate synergy going on here, of course. The CBS network will be airing the Victoria’s Secret Annual Runway Show on December 10th. Some people need to be reminded about that–although we’ve already checked out the view from the runway and from backstage. It’s also always fun to see Adriana Lima showing up on a sitcom. She’s no stranger to CBS, having dropped in to play herself on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. (That ranks her with See Her Tonight favorites like Tara Holt, Nikki Limo, Cynthia Murell, and Amy Holland Pennell.)

Adriana also played herself on Ugly Betty once. She’s kind of perfect for the role of a tall supermodel with a devastating body that can cause all kinds of comic mayhem. We’re also pleased to see Amanda Setton getting in on the lingerie laffs. The only thing that could make this episode of The Crazy Ones better is if Robin Williams sat out tonight’s show. That guy can get pretty distracting–but let’s concentrate right now on some very distracting pretty pics…

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