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The Burlesque Bombshells of “MOB CITY” [PHOTOS]


It’s a big night for cable television as Mob City debuts on TNT. This is the first project from producer/director Frank Darabont since he started up The Walking Dead–and was soon kicked off the show. That couldn’t happen with Mob City because the entire show is just six episodes long. We’re also pretty sure that Darabont had the clout to get a lot more control on Mob City. The show’s nothing risky, either. The show is a hard-boiled 1940s gangster drama about L.A. cops going up against mob boss Mickey Cohen.

Also, there are plenty of glamorous dames. The first episode is called “A Guy Walks Into A Bar,” and there’s a good chance that bar will have plenty of showgirls and strippers. Mob City has cast some of the sexiest babes in Los Angeles to recreate the city’s Golden Age of Sex, and that’s enough to get us tuning in right there. Sadly, we’re not sure when which gals show up on each episodes–but that’s just the best reason to tune in every night. Check out these gals and see what we’re saying (and be sure to click through to enjoy the entire galleries)…

We knew the Mob City folks were on the ball when they brought in Frankie Sin to play a dancer named Dixie Hills. Frankie is already a burlesque legend in L.A.–and yet she’s just as brilliant at rockin’ a rockabilly look, and her Marilyn Monroe impersonation is downright timeless. We follow her via a new-fangled thing called Twitter

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Kelsie Matthews is a real vintage beauty, and she mixes a quirky beauty with all the old-fashioned attributes of a ravishing redhead. She’s an artsy gal who can stand out in the mainstream while still passing for a hot cult item. We’re pretty sure that we’re going to be Kelsie tonight, too–thanks to following her via Twitter

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Annika Pampel isn’t a burlesque queen. She’s not a showgirl, either. We’re still not going to complain about Mob City bringing her into the mix. There may not be anything offbeat about Annika’s beauty, but she’s a serious filmmaker with some seriously ambitious ideas, and we’re thrilled with anything that gets Annika closer to a camera–whether she’s working from front or behind. You can get in on the ground floor of her Twitter account..

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Stephanie Paris should be too busy with the L.A. burlesque scene to actually find time to play a dancer. We’re thrilled to see her as part of the Mob City scene, though. We love the strippers of Los Angeles, but the presence of a lady like Stephanie Paris means that the producers were serious about getting vintage beauties. She’s the kind of gal who could just as easily be working as a technical advisor–but these pics will show why we’re always thrilled to see some pics of Paris…

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