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Old Man Drops A Boot To The Face Of An ASU Student [VIDEO]


This video of an old man giving the boot to an ASU student in the fan section of Sun Devil Stadium is everything that you want to see on the internet. As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, allow me to break out reasons why you must watch this video.

• First off, there’s a boot. To someone’s face. And it’s actually a boot (not a shoe).

• The aforementioned “boot” comes from an older gentleman.

• Said “gentleman” could very well practice that hippy version of karate that’s in that Southern Comfort commercial.

• The aforementioned “face” is a student at ASU, that school where all the female students are hot and the parties are insane.

• It’s a fight at a football game.

• It’s sort-of-kind-of-not-really filmed horizontally.

• It’s less than 12 seconds long.

Really the only thing missing here is an appearance from one of the ASU Cheerleaders or Tempe12 models and then you could wrap this thing up and post it to @ASUConfessions.

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