“NYMPHOMANIAC” Film Trailer Exposes Kids To High Art

So a theater in Tampa, Florida, was all set to show the new Disney movie Frozen, but there was a slight technical problem that ended up with the kiddies in the audience seeing the sexually-explicit trailer for the upcoming movie Nymphomaniac. Which is bad. Because the audience was full of little kids who might have seen Shia LeBeouf and thought they were watching a trailer for the next Transformers movie. We’d hate for today’s kids to think that a Transformers film could possibly be interesting.

Anyway, this kind of thing happens. We were in a New Jersey theater a few years ago where a parent was outraged that a showing for a kiddie movie accidentally began with the trailer for (the fairly innocent) The Vampire’s Apprentice. The parent told us that this wasn’t the first time that theater had made the mistake, either. We mainly felt sorry that more kids didn’t go seeĀ The Vampire’s Apprentice. It’s a pretty good movie.

Anyway, we won’t link to the trailer that the kiddies saw–but if it’s the same one that we saw, then the big screen was filled with a shot of a lady’s vagina right in the opening seconds. We think the Tampa police should be on the lookout for a projectionist named Tyler Durden. We also think you should check out the Nymphomaniac poster campaign, which will hopefully also be kept from the lobby of a certain movie theater in Tampa, Florida.

In related news, Nymphomaniac star Christian Slater–who hasn’t been in an artsy film for a while–got married yesterday. Yeah. We’re sure there’s no connection, but Christian probably finds that movie theater story to be pretty funny, anyway.

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