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The notorious Sleepy Skunk has awaken once again with a brilliant Movie Mashups–as he knocks out amazing compilation of scenes from every major theatrical release of 2013. Well, we say “knock out,” but it’s probably really a few weeks of work out of each year. SleepySkunk doesn’t just throw together a bunch of images from assorted film trailers. He puts them together in a style that nicely sums up each year’s trends and plenty of recurring cinematic motifs. It’s a lot more fun than we make it sound, though.

Sleepy Skunk has also once again come through with a great soundtrack for his amazing collection of images. You’ll be rockin’ out while challenging yourself to recognize every movie that shows up in this video–that checks in at almost seven minutes long. We’ll give you a few hints, since there are a few films here that even a rabid film freak might’ve missed. Like The Kings of Summer, or maybe Another, or even The Wall.

Of course, we didn’t have any problem catching the imagery from the arthouse hit Blue Is The Warmest Color. Our eyes are keenly trained to pick up any lesbian movies. Seriously, we would’ve caught that one even if the scene had been a transitional shot of the sun. You probably won’t have much trouble figuring out that Jay Z starts off the beats, but that’s Swedish House Mafia coming in on the second half. Anyway, have fun, and don’t let yourself get too frustrated. Sleepy Skunk has all the movies listed at that link above–but first see how well you do with this…

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