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Gary Busey GIFs: Celebrating 25 Years Of Beating Brain Trauma!


On December 4, 1988, Gary Busey was in a serious motorcycle accident without a helmet–and if you think this article is making fun of brain trauma, then you have problems with your own noggin. Gary Busey didn’t change after the brain injury. He’s always been nuts. Just ask the folks at Saturday Night Live. Gary Busey was all set to host the show of March 10th, 1979. He was a hot property back then, having just nailed down some proper stardom with the title role in The Buddy Holly Story.

But when the SNL airtime came along, Busey was nowhere to be found. There was panic aplenty until Busey wandered back into the studio about five minutes before airtime–and then the SNL staff freaked out even more when Busey came amazingly close to being the first person to say an Official Dirty Word on the show. He was playing a horny teenager who’d just been rejected, and you could imagine the people in the control booth holding their breath when Gary ad-libbed a long “Shiiiii–” Yeah, that was just one “t” away from causing a major scandal.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about an actor who starred in D.C. Cab as a crazed cabbie seen singing along with a Gary Busey song on a cassette that’s a tribute to the character that Gary Busey used to play on an Oklahoma television station. Heck, the guy started out in show biz as a drummer for Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, and Kris Kristofferson. Do you think those acts were hiring sane people?

The post-accident Gary Busey made Point Break and Under Siege and The Firm and Predator 2 and lots of other major studio movies where he stole the show. We think that Gary’s motorcycle accident brought the guy back to normal for a while–but then Gary reverted to his old self. Which makes him as lovable as ever. So let’s celebrate Gary’s good health with some joltin’ GIFs. Those tombstone teeth aren’t ready for the graveyard yet…

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