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Alysha Nett, Shay Maria and Danielle Sharp Toke Up A Storm for Kaloopy [VIDEO]


Alysha Nett, Shay Maria and Danielle Sharp seem to like marijuana almost as much as they dislike wearing pants. At least that’s the message we’re taking away from this amazing new video from the fine folks at Kaloopy–who have made us downright loopy with this amazing display of things that guys like best. That would be hot babes, lots of pot, and sleeping in late. Actually, we’d probably sleep in late and miss out on Alysha Nett, Shay Maria and Danielle Sharp frolicking amongst the weed. At least we might finally wake up to find our wallet in our pants. That’d be a welcome change.

Anyway, we highly recommend checking out this amazing video that’ll put you in a very happy place. Well, the happiest place would be watching all this in real life. That reminds us that we’re presenting the UNCUT and UNCENSORED version of this video. Sadly, all that really means is that you get the extended video where Alysha, Shay, and Danielle are actually seen smoking the bountiful buds that have them so giggly. We’re thinking it’s some kind of medicinal thing–mainly because these gals are super hot and terminally cute.

Also, we’ll note that we told you guys just last week that Alysha Nett should be On Your Radar. Maybe if you paid more attention, then you’d have been hanging out with Alysha and Shay and Danielle and their marijuana. We’re trying to educate people here, folks. Now educate yourself about what a proper Paradise looks like….

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