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See Her Tonight

Alexis Knapp on Super Fun Night

(9:30 PM EST, ABC)

Super Fun Night┬áisn’t doing really well in the ratings, and maybe it makes sense that the troubled program is only just now getting around to airing the episode that was meant to be its pilot episode. We’re thinking that Rebel Wilson would be having better luck if the show had launched with tonight’s episode. It has Ashley Tisdale making her first appearance as the sister of Rebel’s character (in a role immortalized by See Her Tonight at this link) and a guest appearance by Keegan-Michael Key. Also, there’s a guest appearance by Alexis Knapp–which was probably supposed to be a big deal as a Pitch Perfect reunion.

We certainly pitched something over Alexis Knapp in Pitch Perfect, and that would’ve gotten us riled up for Super Fun Night–even if Alexis was also already set to become a regular presence in our living rooms with the Ground Floor sitcom on TBS. And we’re already intrigued enough to check in for the reunion that we should’ve enjoyed back in September. Or whenever Super Fun Night began.

At least tonight’s episode lets viewers reacquaint themselves of the sitcom’s big idea of gals who regularly head out to seek a little adventure in the big city. We won’t judge if you’re seeking out a gal like Rebel Wilson, but Alexis certainly makes for a fine quest herself. Check out these pics of the striking gal (who probably first struck you in the epic party movie Project X), and start having a super fun day…

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