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Maria Menounos on “The Mindy Project” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Maria Menounos on The Mindy Project

(9:30 PM EST, FOX)

Tonight’s episode of The Mindy Project is titled “Christmas Party Sex Trap,” and has Maria Menounos as a party guest who upstages Mindy by performing a sexy “Santa Baby” routine for all the guests. So that’s pretty much all that any guy has to know. But if you’re a guy and you’re not familiar with Maria Menounos–well, a title like “Christmas Party Sex Trap” should still get you tuned into the show. (See Her Tonight, of course, has tuned in to The Mindy Project over Francia Raisa,  Anna Camp, and Allison Williams.)

Guys should get to know Maria Menounos, though. You’ve already had plenty of chances to know her. This amazing gal has been both an actress–most notably with a stint on One Tree Hill–and an entertainment reporter on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood. Maria has even shown up on shows like Louie playing an entertainment reporter. And she’s also been a WWE brawler. That’s all pretty amazing for a gal who started out as a teen beauty queen in Massachusetts. And did we mention that Maria is a best-selling author? Yeah, you really need to keep up with her via Twitter.

(Hey, that WWE thing reminds us that The Mindy Project also once had Kendra Wilkinson guesting in an episode about the MMA.)

Maria doesn’t get nearly enough attention as a sex symbol. It’s not for a lack of trying though. These plentiful pics include a boatload of bikini shots. We’ve profiled swimwear models who’ve had less pictures of themselves on the beach. Check out Maria Menounos baring her bod here in all kinds of ways–but, yeah, we’d be tuning in to “Christmas Party Sex Trap” even without her…

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