Jerica Lamens Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Jerica Lamens is a sexy Swedish model who should be on your radar. Even if it weren’t for her incredible looks (Purple Magazine has called her the “ideal woman”), we’d love Jerica just for the fact that she calls herself ” (.Y.) Titzilla” in her Twitter profile. Seems like she’s got a good sense of humor about things.

JL is currently living in Los Angeles but we’re having some serious difficulty finding work of hers that we can show you (fortunately/unfortunately a lot of it is NSFW). We know that she’s keeping busy because she’s represented by Elite Modeling Agency but there really can’t be enough of Jerica to go around.

Today we also just learned that Jerica is one of the many mystery ladies from that P Diddy / Las Vegas Ciroc commercial (see the extended version here). The video you’ll want to see, though, is here for you at the bottom this page.

Nationality: Swedish | Measurements: 33-25-35

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