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December 3, 2013: 40 Hot Pics for Amanda Seyfried’s 28th Birthday


It’s the 28th birthday of sexy young actress Amanda Seyfried–who was even younger, of course, when she showed up in the cast of Mean Girls proclaiming that Wednesday meant that cool girls wore pink. That 2004 film has spawned plenty of our future favorite sex symbols (like Lindsay Lohan, Lizzy Caplan, and Lacey Chabert), but Amanda Seyfried has probably gone on to be the most critically-acclaimed actress of the Mean Girls cast.

She’s also become a critically-acclaimed dream girl, as Amanda quickly proved she was all grown up with a sharp performance in 2006’s underseen Alpha Dog. She still seemed destined for the small screen for a while, but we sure didn’t mind enjoying her in Veronica Mars alongside Kristen Bell. She also seemed settled in for a long spell on the HBO drama Big Love.

It was kind of a surprise when Amanda showed up alongside Meryl Streep and other major stars in the 2008 adaptation of the ABBA musical Mama Mia! Amanda was ready for stardom, though. She enjoyed a splashy supporting role alongside Megan Fox in Cody Diablo’s horror film Jennifer’s Body, and went lesbianic in the upscale erotic thriller Chloe. Amanda then went more mainstream with Channing Tatum in the hit romance Dear John.

Big Love went off the air just in time for Amanda to star in another Broadway musical adaptation–with Les Misérables reestablishing her as a movie star. We also enjoyed Amanda as legendary porn star Linda Lovelace in this year’s Lovelace, even if the actual film was kind of a sterile Boogie Nights offshoot. Nobody pushed any boundaries there–but these pics will prove that Amanda’s always been comfortable in indulging her sensuality. We’re expecting for things to only get more thrilling as she heads into her thirties…

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