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Cailin Russo Is Justin Bieber’s Love Interest In New Video—-Life Remains Unfair


Cailin Russo is the sexy young model in the new “All That Matters” video from Justin Bieber–which means that you now have a reason to watch the new¬†“All That Matters” video from Justin Bieber. It’s also a new reason to hate Justin Bieber. We didn’t mind it so much when Justin was dating Selena Gomez. That’s back when we though Justin was “dating” Selena Gomez like Elton John was once “married” to a woman. Now we’re getting more convinced that Justin is heterosexual–if only because he’s increasingly acting like your typical addled frat guy.

But let’s not dwell on this Justin Bieber fellow. Let’s think more about Cailin Russo. We first saw her when some teaser images came out for the upcoming video, but we didn’t know if Cailin would actually be a major presence. We certainly didn’t know that Cailin Russo would become an overnight celebrity for giving Justin Bieber an awesome lap dance in a video. (For the real life equivalent, don’t forget the plentiful hot pics of Justin’s old pal Tati Neves.)

Anyway, Cailin Russo is a 19-year-old beauty from San Diego who has her own pop-star aspirations. We’re also thinking that this whole modeling/dancing thing could work out pretty well for Cailin. She’s already done some high-profile work for Pacsun. Now check out these stunning pics of Cailin and get a better idea of how she quickly became Justin’s first choice for the video–which we’ve included below these hot pics. Nobody says that you have to turn the volume up…

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