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“Tracks” Trailer: Mia Wasikowska On A Brave (And Topless) Aussie Walkabout


It’s hard not to admire adventurers and explorers who risk life and limb to chart some unseen part of their world simply because they want to say that they did it. It’s even easier to admire them when they look like Mia Wasikowska and they don’t have a top on for most of it. You’ll see all three in the new trailer for the movie Tracks that hit the web today.

Wasikowska plays writer Robyn Davidson who one day just decided that she was going to walk across a 2,000-mile stretch of desert in Australia simply because she wanted to explore it in total isolation and truly feel what it was like to be alone. She also brought along a National Geographic photographer to help her document her walk and fund the excursion because the expenses for water alone must have been a hell of a lot.

It’s not just an admirable feat and a breathtaking way to look at one of the most remote and dangerous parts of the world but it’s also a true testament to the human spirit and our drive to understand every inch of it, even if that means risking our own lives in the process. Did we also mention that she was topless in the trailer?

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