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Kristina Zbinden on “Masters of Sex” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Kristina Zbinden on Masters of Sex

(9:00 PM EST, Showtime)

Sexy young actress Kristin Zbinden was a big surprise on last night’s Masters of Sex on Showtime. We don’t even watch the cable show about pioneering sex researchers for hot sex scenes–although See Her Tonight is often masturing something over series star Lizzy Caplan.) Anyway, Kristen Zbinden got our heart zingin’ when she showed up as a prostitute. And we’re all very fortunate that Showtime is repeating the “Fallout” episode tonight so you can fall in love with Kristina–assuming you were following our sage advice to check out Mandy Moore last night.

We’re not sure how Kristina Zbinden got past us, either. We should’ve noticed her in an episode of The Mindy Project earlier this year. Kistina also showed up in an episode of Scandal. But you’ll find that the pics below are all mostly just amazing selfies and other candid pics of Kristina Zbinden’s fabulous L.A. lifestyle. We get this kind of thing occasionally–like with Mindy Robinson–where you can enjoy a fun look into the life of a glamorous gal.

Kristina sure seems to be having fun–and her career is going pretty well, too. There’s a pic below of her dolled up as a flight attendant, and it’s from the upcoming Me Him Her. That a feature from hot young director Max Landis, so there’s a good chance that we’ll soon be seeing Kristina Zbinden on the big screen. We’ll be there at the box office, but you can get in early on Kristina right here…

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