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Kate Moss Playboy Cover and Pics Can Create A Bunny Fetish


Kate Moss is on the cover of Playboy magazine’s 60th anniversary issue–and we’d think that’s a great idea even if Playboy hadn’t dolled the sexy glamour model up in a classic Playboy Bunny outfit. In fact, the magazine is going with a motif of Kate Moss as a Playboy Bunny, judging from these leaked photos. We’re very happy to see Kate in the classic white collar, and even happier to see Kate going topless.

That’s in the pic where Kate is also wearing a bunny mask. There’s nothing wrong with finding Kate to be really sexy in that photo. Remember in Wayne’s World where Garth talks about finding Bugs Bunny to be really sexy when the character dresses up like a female rabbit? It’s like that. Well, kind of. The point is that we just really shouldn’t be judging people. Especially since this Kate Moss cover is just the start of a year-long 60th anniversary celebration for the Playboy brand. There are a lot more bunnies in our future.

Anyway, Playboy looks to have Kate looking pretty amazing. We’re sure ready to celebrate Playboy’s 60th anniversary–although it’s pretty weird to see Ben Affleck topping the cover’s list of illustrious Playboy icons of cool like Ian Fleming and Lenny Bruce. We’re not sure what Naomi Wolf is doing there, either. This issue is still a great start as the first Playboy of 2014. We’re certainly as inspired as we were by Playboy’s work with Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Monroe, and the Girls of the SEC. Check out the sneak peek below, and–of course–there’s plenty more available at

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