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December 2, 2013: Happy Birthday, Britney Spears—-Her Top 40 Sexiest Shots


Britney Spears turns 32 years old on this Day of Our Lord December 2, 2013–and the (formerly) sexy young pop star has produced an enduring musical legacy of…well, trash, mostly, but pretty enduring trash. We’re pretty sure that “Oops!…I Did It Again” and “Baby One More Time” will be regulars on the oldies radio formats of 2023. (There’ll still be radio then, right?)

Of course, Britney really became an important figure with the release of 2001’s Britney.┬áShe was 20 years old, but the media still made a big commotion over how the former Mickey Mouse Club star and wholesome pop idol was setting out to become a brazen sex symbol. Seriously. That was a big deal. It was more expected from the young men who’d grown up with Britney and were eager to see her break out of her teenybopper phase.

Britney Spears was easily the biggest sex symbol of the new millennium, and had a few college papers written on her massive pop presence. That seems quaint now. It will certainly seem familiar to learn that Britney truly debuted her new adult role on the 2001 MTV Music Awards–where, of course, Britney also made headlines in 2003 by joining Madonna onstage for a production number with some lesbian love. (Okay, we’ll link to some hot Miley Cyrus GIFs just to make the historical context clear.)

Christina Aguilera was also in on that lesbian action, but Britney got all of the attention because she was more iconic. Sadly, of course, that would lead to Britney’s breakdown in 2007, and now she’s a mom and television judge and only an occasional pop star. At least she’s marking her birthday with tomorrow’s release of the new Britney Jean album. We’re still going to look back with this Top 40 of Britney at her sexiest, where you’ll be doing it one more time and saying, “Oops…I did it again!” If we’re not being too subtle…

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