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Christiane Kroll Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]


Christiane Kroll is a hot Danish/Spanish model/actress who should be on your radar. We just came across some amazingly sexy photos of her on Tumblr (aka the second best resource for hot women) and had to spread the word about her. Right now the international model is currently living in Los Angeles but you can see her in a host of different places–most recently in Pusha T’s new music video for “Sweet Serenade.” Homegirl has a booty. Just saying.

But Christiane’s not just reserving her beach acting talents for music videos, she just finished shooting for the movie American Beach House with none other than the OC’s Mischa Barton. We don’t have word as to when that should be released yet but you’re already keeping Christiane on your radar so I’m sure she’ll Tweet or Instagram something when it drops.

Nationality: Denmark/Spanish

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