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19 Sexiest Elfie Selfies—-For Some Instant Christmas Spirit


It’s mow officially the Christmas season, so we can’t complain any more about holiday decorations or Christmas carols playing on the radio. And we certainly won’t complain about hot babes dolled up in seasonal finery. In fact, we’re always fond of all kinds of sexy models posing in red and green and white. We enjoy the work of professionals like Emily Ratajkowski, of course. but let’s also celebrate the amateur models who immortalize their own proud Christmas spirit.

Let’s especially celebrate the amateur models who take selfies of their elfin selves while embracing the season. We don’t care whether they’re drunk party girls or sensible seasonal celebrators. We’re not even offended by the brazenly bad gals who might even be trying to scandalize the holiday revelers. We love all of the impish gals who’ve gone through the trouble to capture their good times with some elfie selfies.

So get yourself revved up for the holidays with these awesome pics. We’ve never been more grateful to know that elves cast a reflection. Our parents used to tell us that was why there were no pictures ever taken at the North Pole, but all that did was convince us that elves were secretly vampires and that Santa Claus was going to come suck our blood if we were naughty. We much prefer knowing that there are some genuinely naughty elves out there. Now check out these naughty-but-nice pics that’ll definitely put some coal in your stocking. Did that sound dirty? We didn’t mean for that to sound dirty…

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