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Watch The ‘Barney’ Balloon Pop And Make Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Watchable [VIDEO]


We’re guessing that you didn’t actually watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade because it’s just a boring TV show featuring inflated commercials. But for one glorious moment in 1997, the parade became exciting when a giant Barney balloon popped and terrified the people of New York City.

We’re not even sure if Barney is still on television, but in 1997 he was the most popular and annoying character on a children’s television show. As his balloon was floating down Manhattan, strong winds caused the handlers to lose control of the purple beast. Children screamed as their favorite TV star looked like it was trying to lay siege to New York. Barney flew into a street light that ripped a gaping hole in his side. Barney slowly began to float to the ground like a flailing Godzilla. The crisis ended with the NYPD stomping on Barney’s flattened corpse to the thankful cries of New York’s citizens.

via YouTube

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