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Mandy Moore in “Christmas In Conway” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Mandy Moore in Christmas In Conway

(9:00 PM EST, ABC)

Mandy Moore stars in tonight’s Christmas In Conway–so there’s a sexy young actress to explain why we’re bothering to cover a heartwarming Hallmark TV-movie about a guy trying to build a merry-go-round in his backyard as a Christmas present to his sickly wife. Our hearts are already warmed too much from the heartburn of our loves ones’ attempts at cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We’re always warm for the form of Mandy Moore, though. (See Her Tonight has also gotten poppin’ over pop stars like Willa Ford, Emmalyn Anderson, and Ashanti.)

It’s not just nostalgia for the former pop star, either. We’ll give Mandy some credit for making a decent bid at becoming hip after churning out lots of bad music in the ’90s. She started dating Ryan Adams, and made a strong bid for forgiveness with Coverage. That was her 2003 album where she covered artists like XTC, Joan Armatrading, and John Hiatt. It was just a few years later that Mandy showed up on Entourage as Vinnie Chase’s former flame and co-star in the big-screen Aquaman.

Before that, Mandy had been flirting around on the big screen in How To Deal and Chasing Liberty. She tried to move on to more adult fare like American Dreamz and Southland Tales, but those ended up as ambitious films that bombed at the box office. She’s kept working, but Mandy Moore’s biggest hit lately was from voicing Rapunzel in Tangled.

So that’s why Rapunzel seemed so sexy, in case you were wondering about that. It’s a perfectly natural reaction. Anyway, Mandy married into some coolness when she took Ryan Adams as her hubby back in 2009. Now she seems to be back to wholesome pursuits. Good for her. We’re still going to start celebrating Christmas programming with this Top 40 of Mandy at her most marvelous…

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