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Best Fan Reactions from the Auburn Iron Bowl Victory [VIDEO]


So it’s pretty well established that this year’s Iron Bowl–where longtime rivals Auburn University and the University of Alabama annually battle it out–was the greatest game in the history of college football, and will remain a lasting reminder of why college football is the greatest game that ever existed. That’s mostly courtesy of some amazing final minutes. Auburn was ranked #5 in the SEC conference, and managed an amazing win over #1 ranked Alabama when the Crimson Tide missed a field goal, followed by¬†Auburn cornerback Chris Davis returning it for over 100 yards in a game-winning touchdown.

This was the second time this season that Auburn managed a last-minute miracle, too. We saw it coming, though. We warned all of you sports fans that the beauty of girlfriend Katherine Webb was going to be a fatal distraction for Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. The pics at that link were all of the in-depth analysis we needed. Now there are a lot of Crimson Tide fans in need of professional psychoanalysis.

But concentrate on the sunny side of life with the video above, as fans enjoy Official Greatest Final Minutes of a College Football Game–compiled courtesy of a Youtube user named Poeman. It’s the best advertising that college football has had in a long time…

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