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Video Roundup For Colin Mochrie’s Birthday [VIDEO]


Happy Birthday to comedian Colin Mochrie who turns 56 years old today!

Mochrie is a Scottish born Canadian comedian most famous for his frequent appearances on the improv show Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Mochrie began his career as an improvisor as a member of Vancouver’s TheaterSports team where he met fellow Who’s Line star Ryan Stiles. The two would later move to Toronto and join the improv theater Second City. It was through his work at Second City that Mochrie first got to audition for Who’s Line. He said that he initially didn’t get cast because improv is about making everyone around you look good, but auditions are about making yourself standout. He got another opportunity to audition a few years later in L.A. and made sure to “look out for number one.” He earned a recurring spot on Who’s Line’s original run on Britain’s Channel 4 from 1988-1997 and on ABC from 1998-2006. Below are some of our favorite moments from Colin’s career at both Who’s Lines and elsewhere.

Mochrie had a recurring role on The Drew Carey Show as Anderson, a suck-up in the shoe department who sought approval from Mr. Wick. Mochrie’s comedic skills really shine since Anderson rarely spoke a word.

Colin and Brad Sherwood (another member from Who’s Line It It Anyway?) were asked to host a Just For Laugh’s showcase. Skip to the 5:50 mark to see how this performance is different from any other Who’s Line bit you’ve ever seen.

The only thing better than watching Star Wars is watching Colin reenact his favorite scenes with figurines. Using an ewok to portray George Lucas may be the best casting decision of all time

To round things out, here is a compilation of Colin’s funniest moments from the American version of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

Like many American shows, there is actually a British precedent. Who’s Line Is It Anyway? is no exception.

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