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Elisha Cuthbert: 33 Sexiest Pics for Her 31st Birthday


Elisha Cuthbert is turning 31 years today–that being November 30, 2013–and we have no idea if the sexy actress is still on the air with Happy Endings. Didn’t it get canceled? Maybe we’re thinking of Rules of Engagement. It was a lot easier to keep track of The Forgotten. Elisha showed up in that series with Christian Slater, and it was in and out in less than a season.

And speaking of in and out…Elisha Cuthbert first broke out big in 24, where she played Kiefer Sutherland’s daughter. Kim Bauer was a pretty interesting character, although she could also be pretty annoying. The next-to-final season really did the most to make good use of the character, and then the final season wrote Kim out pretty quickly. No real bad memories there.

We have plenty of good memories about Elisha’s attempt to then break out into film stardom. She got lucky with a turn in the hit comedy Old School, and made us very happy as a former porn star who returns to suburbia in the 2004 comedy The Girl Next Door. We thought that same year’s House of Wax was underrated, too. It would’ve been better received if Elisha hadn’t been costarring with Paris Hilton.

Then she made the pretty depressing horror film Captivity in 2007, and Elisha was back to the small screen–which keeps her a very welcome presence in our living room. And, yes, we’ll mention that horror fans will have fond memories of Elisha in the old series Are You Afraid of the Dark?–but let’s celebrate Elisha’s birthday by enjoying her more adult work with 33 thrilling pics….

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