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Wrestling Gal Taryn Terrell in Spike Lee’s “OLDBOY”: Worth The Ticket


The original plan was for a major release of Spike Lee’s remake of the Japanese gangster film Oldboy. Then the studio decided to make it a far more limited release. That probably pleased film geeks who didn’t like the idea of an unnecessary remake of a bizarre classic movie. But we feel bad for folks who’ve missed out on the chance to see a movie packed with plenty of physically fit beauties–including professional wrestler Taryn Terrell busting out amongst the built big babes.

It’s been a good day for physically fit femmes. We’ve already looked at Ryan Seacrest’s new pal Shayna Terese Taylor. Taryn Terrell, however, ranks up there with hot battling babes like Rosa Mendes, Karen Jarrett, and Kaitlyn. We’re not sure how Taryn ended up in Oldboy, but we’d guess that Spike Lee was casting the assorted dancers and aerobics people in the movie, and couldn’t pass up the chance to add Taryn Terrell in a park scene. Taryn’s a student in New Orleans, after all, where Oldboy was filmed. It’s kind of a random appearance, but it’s still a big thrill to see Taryn Terrell on the big screen.

We’ve seen plenty of Taryn in our living rooms, though. She’s managed some major mayhem in many worlds of wrestling–starting out with Florida Championship Wrestling in 2007. The beautiful blonde soon moved up to the WWE, where she spent several years kicking ass under the name of Tiffany. Sadly, Taryn’s troubled real-life marriage to fellow brawler Drew McIntyre ended her career there. Then she moved her t’n’a on to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Taryn has enjoyed a long career there, although she’s recently taken a break to become a magnificent MILF. (We’ll be following that via Twitter.) Oldboy looks like it was filmed before her pregnancy, of course–and you’ll want to look for Oldboy to (hopefully) come to a theater near you. Until then, take a look at Taryn Terrell here…

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