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What’s On Tap This Weekend: Greenman Brewery Harvester Autumn Ale


The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

This weekend Greenman Brewery’s Harvester Autumn Ale is What’s on Tap!

A staple brewery of one of America’s finest beer cities, Asheville, North Carolina, Greenman is one of those rare breweries that you hear about before even having any of their beers; and even rarer is when the beer not only matches but exceeds the hype and expectations. Harvester Autumn Ale is Märzen style beer that is an incredibly balanced beer. The brew’s barley, which is harvested and malted from North Carolina, and two kinds of hops give off most of the flavors.

The aftertaste does have a touch of bitterness to it, which is somewhat uncommon for a Märzen, but it does not linger. What I like best about this ale is its smoothness and drinkability; the beer does not taste like one that has an ABV of 6% I should not have to make a food pairing suggestion but let’s clear one idea up right now. If you are not eating turkey on Thanksgiving go back to whatever country you came from; we don’t want your kind. (Duck, pheasant, and goose are also acceptable.) In my family, nothing less than a 26 pound turkey is acceptable. One year the butcher tried to give my mom a 22 pounder, her reply, “I have enough stuffing to stuff a horse’s ass. You better have a bigger bird back there.”

Beer Stats

Alcohol by Volume: 6%
Color: Hazy Dark Amber
Hops: Magnum and Palisade

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